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LOWER PRIMARY: Describe what makes you happy

UPPER PRIMARY: Write about the things you would do when your friend feels sad and not happy

ORDINARY LEVEL: Write about what you think you would do to support a fellow student
who is being bullied either physically or online at school.

ADVANCED LEVEL:Write about how you think a school can support or establish a service
that supports students experiencing mental health problems.


Submission must conform to the conditions below:


All applicants must fill the required information on the application.You can submit your document either soft or hard

Writing style

Applicants must demonstrate effective integration of writing principles, rules, and best practice guidelines for writing. Allowed writing types will be Essay, Fiction (Short story) and Poems.


Kinyarwanda, English, French and Sign Language

Document Guidelines

Documents will be received into physical or digital formats. The first page must be containing:

  • Full names, addresses
  • Physical address (Province)
  • Phone number and email address
  • School name
SOFT Documents:PDF, Times New Roman, font size 12, Line and paragraph spacing 1.5
Hard Documents:Must be written in a clear readable hand writing or typed

Composition Limitations

All documents must have 500 words maximum per page.

  • Lower Primary:100 - 250 words maximum
  • Upper Primary:200 - 500 words maximum
  • Ordinary Level:500 - 1000 words maximum
  • Advanced Level:750 - 1200 words mximu


Submit your application today


  • January 20 - 09 April:Applications submissions
  • 26 April - 01 March:Pre-selection
  • 06 - 07 May:Interview
  • 15 May:Announcing Winners
  • 27 May:Awarding ceremony
  • June to July:Publication of the stories